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Posted on August 28, 2016 · Posted in Biblical Teaching Review

Why not spend some of your last days of summer taking the time to read and think deeply about who God is and what pleases Him.  There are so many misconceptions about who God is and what His Word says that I am inspired by God to write in-depth blog posts that explain biblical truths in an understandable way.  My prayer is that over time, each post on this website will be a building block of biblical truth that God will use for real transformation in your life.  I pray too that anyone who reads the posts on this website will know that God lives and that He speaks to us from His Word.

Hopefully, you are all caught up with the posts I have written so far in 2016.  I have assembled all my blog posts from 2015 and put them in one place so you can see if there are some oldies but goodies that you may have missed.  I have added a brief description for each, so pick a post to read daily, or read one a week, but read them all because God’s Word never changes.  Because I don’t post weekly, consider subscribing on this website so you will not miss my next post.  Your email is used only to notify.

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From Heaven to the Manger

This was a very popular post.  Before the manger, did you know that Jesus existed?  Did you know that Jesus lived with God the Father in heaven and that out of His great love for you, He left everything!  Christmas is the greatest love story ever told.  Read this post to know why.

Thank God Always

Are you thankful?  Does your answer depend on the day or how you feel?  Have you observed that thankfulness does not come naturally?  When we focus on the various circumstances in our lives, we are even more prone to be thankless and ungrateful.  The truth is:  our fallen human nature is wired to grumble, worry and complain.  Read how you can thank God always.

Did God Really Say?

The Assault on the Word of God

There has been an ongoing assault on God’s Word since the Garden of Eden.  Directly or indirectly, the assault always begins with, “Did God really say?”  This question was asked of Eve by Satan who disguised himself as a harmless serpent.  Eve chose to believe the serpent instead of the clear command of God. The question, ‘Did God really say?’ is deadly because it is used to cast doubt on the goodness of God and the reliability of God’s Word.  ‘Like Eve, those who believe the lie today are deceived and act accordingly!  Read for Godly discernment.

Living Our Faith

Believing that God is real is the first step of faith, but it is only the beginning.  Genuine Faith is more than intellectual assent.  Faith believes in God’s character:  He is who He says He is.  Faith believes in God’s promises:  He will do what He says.  The object of faith is God Himself.  Those who trust God come to Him to worship and to find mercy and grace to help in their time of need.  Read more to see how faith trusts God.

Only God Satisfies

Do you ever have a hard time expressing yourself to God?  Psalm 63 was written by David and expresses his desire for God’s presence, provision, and protection because these were the needs that he had at the time that he wrote this Psalm.  Are these your needs too?  Reading any Psalm will show you that God is real and that it is possible to have a personal relationship with Him like David did.  Read this post to see the kind of heartfelt, honest relationship that is available between you and God.

Love Speaks the Truth

When there is an assault on the Word of God it is an assault on God Himself.  Like Goliath, the world’s followers bully the followers of the one true God to agree with the thinking of the day.  While God and His Word are being trampled with little or no push back, few see it as a disgrace as David saw it in his day.  The truth is missing in action everywhere today.  Read to understand that there is no love without the truth.

The Final Battle

Armageddon and the Return of Jesus Christ

People today no longer believe in the judgement of God, yet throughout the Bible, God tells us that a Day of Judgement is coming when all evil will be destroyed, ending the pain and suffering that sin has caused on earth.  It is called the “Day of the Lord” and the choice not to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ will have eternal consequences.  Know God and His will better by reading this post.

Learning to Follow Jesus

Jesus calls each one of us to follow Him so why is it so much easier to do anything and everything but God’s will?  I was thinking these thoughts one day and then I noticed something about my dogs.  They live to serve and follow me, their master.  It is not one bit hard for them!  Why is it not as easy for me to follow Jesus, my Lord and Master?  Read this post to find some answers.

Prepare for Battle

Spiritual Warfare

The Lord has called you to live for Him and to battle sin in our world and sin in yourself.  Military leaders know that they cannot go into battle without first knowing who their enemy is and neither should you.  Preparation for battle includes knowing the mission and knowing the adversary.  Read more to know how not to be a casualty in spiritual warfare.

What You Believe Matters

What we believe we will act on so God warns us not to be conformed to our culture with its behavior and lies that are contrary to God’s revealed will.  Instead, we are to allow the Holy Spirit and the Word of God to transform our thinking.  This post will help you begin to replace the lies that you may believe with the truth from God’s Word.

God Knows You!

Do you think that if people knew the “real” you they would reject you?  Have you built a protective, iron wall around yourself that keeps who you really are and what you really think hidden?  No wonder you may be lonely; there is no “real” connection with other people! If you are feeling unloved and unwanted and no one knows, this post will help you to know that God knows how you feel because He knows everything about you.  You will understand that God loves you!

Pursue Peace!

Are you presently experiencing strife and discord with someone?  Are you overwhelmed and upset?  Will separation be the outcome of your grievances?  Have you made peace your goal?  God’s Word tells us to pursue peace but how?  This powerful post will help you to make God your hope for reconciliation.

Who Is Satan?

Many don’t believe in God, let alone a being called Satan.  Others say that they believe in God but discount that the devil exists.  The Bible is God’s Word and He teaches us much about Satan so to not believe in Satan is to not believe God.  If you don’t believe that Satan is real, then you won’t understand why Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil.  Read to understand that you have a spiritual adversary.

 Science and the Creator

In 1966 Time magazine ran a cover story asking:  Is God Dead? Many have accepted the cultural narrative that he’s obsolete—that as science progresses, there is less need for a “God” to explain the universe. Yet it turns out that the rumors of God’s death were premature. More amazing is that the relatively recent case for his existence comes from a surprising place—science itself.

God’s Presence in 2015

We would never keep a king waiting because he is an important man but we keep the king of kings and Lord of Lords waiting behind something that is more important to us.  God sees, and He is here but we miss Him; we are not aware of His Presence.  The physical world easily clouds the spiritual world unless we are alert.  This post will help you become more aware of God’s presence. 

A Message from Suzanne

If you are a regular reader of the blogs I post on this website, it is because you are willing to take the time to go deeper.  I appreciate this about you!  It takes a lot of my time to thoughtfully and prayerfully write each in-depth blog post, so I appreciate those who also take the extra time to thoughtfully read what God has inspired and not just skim for information.  Your thirst for the Word of God is a work of the Holy Spirit who will also give you understanding and the power to obey His Word.  Reflection and change is always my prayer for you as it is for myself.

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