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Quotes given by real people who have used Digging Deeper to study the Bible

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The most repeated comment from those who have used the Digging Deeper Bible Study: “Now that I have studied the Bible this way, I wouldn’t want to study it any other way.”

From a leader using Digging Deeper Bible Study for the first time: “I have been in leadership for over 20 years and I have not seen spiritual transformation like this!”

“Digging Deeper and God’s Holy Spirit have helped to bring the Scriptures into my daily life in a way that I never knew existed. My heart has been impacted with God’s message to me and I have learned from the fellowship of others. Digging Deeper has been an amazing experience.” Annette

“I really appreciated this study and feel that I now know how to better read the Bible and that there is so much more to learn which makes it exciting.” Darlene

“I have been encouraged to “dig deeper” into the Bible not just read and fill in the blanks.” Val

“This is a great Bible Study. I have struggled in the past with Bible studies being too challenging or just boring but this study is different! It challenged my way of thinking about God’s Word and personalized it! It is interesting to see how God brings things to the forefront as the Holy Spirit directs my answers and I discover things that I wasn’t expecting.” Christine

“Our group of women appreciated the depth of the study rather than glossing over verses and chapters.” Barbara, leader of a small group

“Digging Deeper has been a real bonding experience for us as women. I have never before seen life change like this! Our group discussions are rich and transformational because of this Bible Study.” Cody, former Chaplain and leader of a small group

“I am new to Bible Study and this format works well for me. I feel involved when examining what God’s Word says, what God’s Word means and what God’s Word means for me. This Bible Study has transformed me by really getting in touch with how much I need God and how much I need to commune with Him every day. I am so very thankful to have this Bible Study in my life.” Patricia

“Many really don’t know how to hear from God through His word and many lives are now forever changed because of this inspiring Bible Study.” Debra

“The BSF studies had been such an important part of my life for so long and I missed this kind of study. Digging Deeper is exactly what I have been looking for as I really have a chance to meditate and hear what God is saying in detail. I love this Bible Study!” Jane, former BSF Teaching Leader

“Digging Deeper is empowering because the Holy Spirit speaks directly to each person and He opens our hearts and mind to the Lord’s transforming power.”  Liz