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About the Bible Study.

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About the Bible Study

If you have attended Bible study for years gaining a lot of information with little or no spiritual transformation, or you have never even done a Bible study before, Digging Deeper, Hear God speak To You From His Word is the  Bible study for you!  As others have already experienced, your life too can be transformed from the inside out by the Spirit of God by studying the Bible for yourself!

 Digging Deeper is an inductive verse by verse Bible study, not a fill in the blank Bible Study.  Using the Digging Deeper Bible Study, you will prayerfully hear God teach you directly from His Word and then you will be encouraged to rely on the Holy Spirit to empower you to live out His Word by faith.  Both men and women have grown in their walk with the Lord using Digging Deeper to study the Bible!  Testimonials

The Digging Deeper Bible Study 

Digging Deeper, Hear God Speak To You From His Word Bible study can be used to study any Book of the Bible. Using Digging Deeperyour Bible study will consist of 10 to 15 assigned verses each week that you will study verse by verse using the  study guide.   You will then answer questions from the entire passage and then dig deeper into spiritual transformation through application questions.  The weekly lessons allow you to study small portions of the Bible on a daily basis so that you will have time to think about what God wants to teach you and apply to your life.  Without application there is no transformation!  The Digging Deeper Bible study is rich in application.   Request the Bible Study

 Request the Digging Deeper Bible Study

Request the Bible Study

The complete Digging Deeper, Hear God Speak To You From His Word Bible study  includes the cover page, introduction page, lesson schedule, Bible study, study guide and sample study guides for a total of ten pages to print.

 If you are requesting the Digging Deeper Bible study for the first time, you will be sent the Bible Study (without the cover and introduction page), and the weekly lesson schedule for John 1-6 so you can sample this method of Bible study.  There will be a total of eight pages to print.

After sampling John 1-6, return to the website to request further Bible studies in John or to choose another Book of the Bible in either the Old or the New Testaments.  You will receive the complete Bible study.  Request the Bible Study

 The Mission of this Website and Bible study

That every man and woman who digs deeper into God’s Word using the Digging Deeper Bible Study, or reads a blog post on this website, will have their lives spiritually transformed by the Word of God from the inside out.  I pray that you will be empowered by the Holy Spirit and the love of the Lord Jesus Christ to live your daily life serving Him and serving others.