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About the Author.

About Suzanne

By God’s grace, I am who I am. I am born again and have served in ministry for 41 years. I have been married to Rodger for 48 years and I would not be me without him as he has always supported what God has called me to do in ministry. I am the mother of three and grandmother “Essie” to eight. Rodger and I also have two Havanese “fur kids” named Stuey and Sadie that we enjoy very much.

Formerly, I have served as a Sunday School Teacher, Bible Study Leader/Teacher, Bible Studies Coordinator, Mentor, Director of Women’s Ministries and as a Bible Study Fellowship Discussion Leader.  God seems to have used me over the years as a “Spiritual Life Coach.”

Presently, I serve as a Bible Study Leader/ Teacher and Mentor. I am also the author of a God inspired Bible Study for men and women called, Digging Deeper, Hear God Speak To You From His Word that launched in two churches in September 2013. The first Digging Deeper men’s Bible study group began in September 2014.  My desire always is that those who request and use the Bible Study will know that God lives and that He does speak to us from His Word. Request the Bible Study.

I am called by God to teach His Word so the in-depth blog posts on this website reflect this.  If God does not inspire me, I do not write!  My prayer is to present God’s Word clearly so that God will then move you to obey His Word because you understand it.  I do everything through Christ who gives me strength.

 How God Inspired

Digging Deeper Hear God Speak To You From His Word Bible Study

Having become frustrated leading a fill in the blank Bible Study with leading questions that left too many important truths out and application questions that seemed to be an afterthought, my co-leader, Liz McCoury, and I prayed for God’s leading into something new. God answered our prayers by inspiring me to write Digging Deeper, Hear God Speak To You From His Word in fifteen days in April 2013. God also gave me the vision for this Bible Study that continues to unfold.

I consider all of this miraculous because if it was entirely up to me, I would still be writing this Bible Study and I certainly would not have web sites up! It is my desire that God will use the Digging Deeper Bible Study to transform lives from the inside out and so far this is happening! The truth is that those who apply God’s Word to their own lives are the best equipped by the Spirit to reach others who also need to know and see that God lives and that He does speak to men and women today from His Word.  Testimonials  About the Bible Study  Request the Bible Study


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